Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction

Pure seduction

I went on holiday last year to Florida and came across a massive Victoria's Secret store. I was in heaven not because of all the beautiful lingerie...which was beautiful but because of all the amazing, gorgeous fragrance sprays they had. There was so many, I had a difficult time picking which ones to get. I finally settled on Strawberries and Champagne, Sheer Love and this one Pure Seduction.

I love them all but this one is by far my favorite, I love the smell of this so much I have searched the internet for a place to get it over here...and I have, Amazon of all places. You can find the link to this here or down the side of my blog. It is just £7.70, which is a great price as you get quite a big bottle and it lasts ages. 

Pure Seduction is a beautiful flirty, floral fragrance of red plum and sweet freesia. It is also infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and soothing Chamomile. 

victoria's secret

I really am in love with this scent and it is perfect for spring/summer to. This has taken place as one of my favorite scents. It leaves you feeling very girly indeed.
It really is my must have for this summer. You can get a bottle from Amazon for £7.70 for a big 250 ml bottle.

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