Hairspray Wars: L'Oreal VS VO5

L'Oreal Vs VO5

Finding a good hairspray is essential to me, I have horrible fine hair that is a struggle to do anything with! It can look so nice but as soon as I step outside even the tiniest bit of wind and I literally look like I've been dragged through a bush. 
I used to have quite long hair but a few months ago I decided to go for the chop and have it cut into a lovely bob, believe it or not it is actually harder to look after when it is short. No longer can I just leave it to dry naturally now, I have to sit there blow drying it and even then I still have to run the straighteners through it. But none of this is worth it to me if I haven't got a hairspray that will help.

I have been using VO5 Ultimate hold for quite some time now and I must say it is a very good hairspray, it always seemed to do the job! I was running rather low and needed to pick up some more when I was told by a friend to try L'Oreal Elnett as they swear by it. 
So I went into Boots and picked up a can to try. The first thing I noticed was the smell - it actually smells quite nice, the VO5 hairspray smells like hairspray (strange thing to say I know!) but the L'Oreal one didn't it had a nice light fragrence to it. The other thing I noticed was how much lighter it felt on my hair, that is one thing about the VO5 spray, it does feel fairly heavy. My hair also loked shiner with the L'oreal spray. 
But the big question did it hold my hair style?.....Yes it did! 

I do like both the hairsprays but I think from now on I will be sticking with the L'oreal Elnett spray I like the fact it's lighter and makes my hair shiny and the added fragrant smell is always a bonus!
You can get both hairsprays from Boots. The VO5 hairspray comes in at £3.29 but is currently on offer for £2.47. L'oreal Elnett comes in at £6.60 currently on offer 2 for £9.00.
There is a bit of a price difference but it is worth it. Though I have noticed recently that budget buys have been going up in price a bit so if you are paying a bit extra anyway maybe go for the more 'luxury' item.

Have you tried either of these? Which do you use? 


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