Get Glowing Skin!

Get glowing skin

Winter has officially left us and spring is in the air.
My skin has been lacking in that glow over winter, slowing fading away from doing the school runs, walking to town to do the shopping and taking walks just to get out the house.
Off come the scarves and jumpers that were trapping my skin and leaving it dull.
As we notice the fluctuations in the temperature between seasons so does our skin. It can leave skin feeling dry, dehydrated and flaky. This leads to dry skin cells blocking our pores causing horrible breakouts.

To avoid this all we have to do is keep our skin clean, however be careful not to over wash and strip away the natural oils we need. If your skin feels tight or starts to sting you know you have gone to far! Apparently over washing can actually increase the oil production as it goes into overdrive to compensate and rehydrate our thirsty skin. 

The one thing I have found out from experience (winter especially) is to swap from the foam cleanser, which I used to use, to a citrus based cleanser. From lots of research I found that citrus based cleansers helps to control the oiliness and helps trap moisture.

The next step is to exfoliate, you need to be doing this all year round, it really does have a skin glowing effect. A really good scrub can help to speed up cell turnover, soften fine lines, removes the dead skin that contributed to skin dullness and it improves radiance. You do need to find an exfoliator to suit your skin type. 

A trip to the beauty salon for a facial will leave us all relaxed but why not do a DIY home facial? This can drastically improve your skin, facials can relax the muscles, relive tension and it helps circulation of blood to your face. I suggest using a facial oil and gently press your thumbs along your cheekbones from nose to ear, to massage your jawline simply place finger tips on your chin and firmly drag your fingers and palm along your jawline to your ears.
To reduce puffy eyes, place a spoon in the fridge before use and roll the back of it over your eye sockets from the centre to the temples. The coolness from the spoon being in the fridge can help boost circulation and make eyes appear less tired. 

Finish with a good day and night cream. I also use a face mask once a week, mine is a good clay mask that helps to draw out toxins and impurities. 

get glowing skin

Nivea Q10

What products do you use to keep your skin in tip top condition? 


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