My New Love Of Houseplants

my new love of houseplants

Since we moved into our new apartment, I have been looking for lovely things to make it beautiful and since I am a big fan of blogger Burkatron, I often read her blog posts on house plants and DIY plant pots.

So this week I decided to take the plunge and buy a couple of plants, I went for foliage plants rather than flowering plants due to the fact I need something easy to look after (not very good with plants I must be honest). All you need to do with these ones are water them so the soil is moist once a week or when the soil is dry and feed them with plant food once a month - surely I can't go wrong right? The two I brought were a Venus fly trap and a spider plant.
There are plus sides to having plants in your house not only do they absorb carbon dioxide but they release oxygen, this makes plants and humans the perfect partners. Plants release roughly 97 percent of the water they take in, place several plants together and you can see respiratory problems decrease as they increase humidity. They also remove toxins from the air.
spider plant

Venus fly trap


I love my new plants and I will certainly be picking some more up at some point

Day Out To Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo Penguins

I'm so sorry I have been mega busy and really struggled to blog lately.  Work is really picking up at the moment.
So on the 12th April we all went to Twycross Zoo for a day out, we packed a lunch and off we went.
It was a great day out! So many different animals from monkeys, penguins, giraffes to turtles. My two boys loved the giraffes and the gorillas, my partner rather took to the gorillas himself. For me it was the Penguins and the gorillas, there was such a cute baby gorilla who was swinging about and jumping all over the other gorillas it was so cute. There was also this really mean looking gorilla who was huge! He was just standing there almost looked like a bodyguard. As for the Penguins, well who doesn't love penguins!
There is plenty of places to eat there as well and there's a great big soft play area the boys just loved. My only issue was that it cost us over £50.00 to get in and you then had to pay another £4.50 for each child to go and play in the soft play area, I do think that the admission cost should include this really.
My eldest had his face painted as a meerkat and it looked amazing! The lady who did it did such an amazing job.
As we took our own packed lunch due to the fact my kids are so fussy when it comes to food we have to, they have a indoor and out door picnic area. To be completely honest it was a bit grubby and seemed like the sort of place you are condemned to for daring to take your own food. It would be nice if they maybe brightened it up a bit, maybe a bit of paint on the walls with a few painting of animals perhaps but the biggest thing is they need someone there to clean up! We bagged everything and threw it away in the bin but not everyone does this, maybe if they just had someone to wipe the tables down would be a massive improvement I think.
Here are some photos from our day out.

twycross zoo elephants

twycross zoo giraffes

twycross zoo monkeys

I do suggest if you go then book online, all we had to do was print off our order and go through the fast track entrance. It really was great and they are adding more in July.