Review: Jacava Candy Floss Nail Polish

Jacava London

I was excited to try this nail polish from Jacava London as it has been one I've wanted to try for  while now.
Jacava polishes are free from 8 potentially harmful ingredients known to cause health problems including cancer, asthma and even neo-natal death.
Jacava London nail polish is 8-free from:
Formaldehyde resin (Tosylamide)
Animal ingredients
Candy floss is beautiful it's a lovely bright pink and very eye catching.
The good thing about this polish is the brush and the handle. The brush is quite thin which I like as you don't have an over load of polish. The handles are long which again is really good as it gives good control over the brush.
You can buy it here.
Candy Floss

This may seem a bit more expensive but I have found they are worth it, they last really well, it was a good few days before they started chipping. And also they are super shiny even without a top coat.
Candy Floss

Candy Floss

What do you think to this polish and will you be buying any?

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