Out And About In Florida

I have a friend who is going to Florida this year, and we are going ourselves again next year. We went to Florida last year and absolutely loved it. Talking about it made me want to do a post on it. So here is a few places you should definitely check out if you go.
Disney World
Disney World Florida

To say I freaked when I first saw this iconic castle is a bit of an understatement. For a girl who was brought up watching Disney films and my favorite Disney film is Alice In Wonderland, I was just speechless and in total awe. There are 4 Disney parks and trust me when I say you a need a day at each one. It is a fantastic place to visit.
Universal Studio's
Universal Studios

This was another amazing place. You are walking down the streets and they have characters come out and perform in the streets from Sponge bob to Transformers. The big earth is amazing to see as well, it spins round and has smoke coming out from the bottom due to the little fountain that is under it. Again there is two big parks and each take a day to go round each one. In Universal studio's there is a Simpson's area, Minions and they have just finished building a Harry Potter area, so I'll be looking forward to seeing that when we go again.
Seaworld Orlando

This is great for all animal lovers, they have so many different types of animals here I don't even know where to start. We were lucky when we went as we were just passing the Shamu stadium at the right time, there was about 20 minutes till the next show, I definitely recommend you see it. It's truly amazing to see.
Olive Garden
Olive Garden International Drive

This post wouldn't be complete without me not suggesting but telling you to go here! I LOVE this place. It is on International Drive and let me tell you I will certainly be going again. We had a salad with some warm bread, chicken scampi, grilled chicken pizza and  peach Ice tea. I don't think there was anything left on our plates.
If you are planning on going, these are the places I suggest and I hope you have an amazing time. If you have already been what was your favorite place to go?

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