Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS | Tea & Beauty

I keep thinking of opening up an Etsy store but have still got to work out what I want to sell , I keep hearing about this book and it's really peaked my interest. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to buy it off Amazon and use it for this months book read.

I have heard it is very inspirational and has actually helped people to grow their business so I was very much looking forward to starting this book.
It's about Sophia Amoruso, who started by selling a stolen item's on Ebay and has built her business up from there. She talks about her life and her struggles. It is  very interesting to see how she built her business to become the CEO she is today. She certainly has an eye for clothes that's for sure, Sophia goes on to explain just how important all the photograph's she took for her listings are. Photo's are everything, if it is clear, sharp and just generally nice and eye catching you are going to go further.

After reading it, I certainly recommend it. It is funny and powerful. She tells of all her jobs she's had what she liked and what she hated about them. Sophia is someone you find you can relate to as well which helps whilst reading this book. We have all had jobs we can't stand and wish we could do better, well Sophia tells you everything she did to make her dreams come true and the struggles along the way. She goes through hiring and firing, finding new stockists and money problems.
What I also liked about this book was the snippets from other girlbosses, what their jobs are, why they are doing what they are and why they love their jobs. 
Has anyone read this book and if so what did you think?

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