Review: Garnier Smoothing Hand Cream

Garnier smoothing hand cream

If  you are anything like me, you use a lot of hand cream and trying to find one that works is hard for me, especially as during the winter months I suffer from really dry, itchy skin to a point where is looks slightly scaly. I have used every hand cream I can find and have found this is the one to stop that happening!
This is made for dry, rough hands as it's ultra hydrating formula has L-Bifidus and mango oil in it to intensively replenish hands. It is a non greasy formula, dermatologicaly tested and can be used on sensitive skin.
I noticed the dry patches on my hands cleared up after just a couple of days. It also has a lovely subtle scent to it. You can buy it for a great price to at just £3.19 from Boots.
Do you have problem skin, what do you use?

Review : Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

I have wanted to try this perfume for a while now and have finally gotten round to buying it. I am so glad I did, it's a beautiful fresh, delicate floral fragrance.
Fragrance notes:
Top notes: Orange and citruses
Middle notes: rose and peony
Base notes: musk and patchouli
I don't use this perfume much on a day to day purpose, I will be saving it for special occasions. This is more due to the's £53.50 from Boots. It has certainly become my favorite fragrance though. I have so much perfume it's hard to pick a favorite up until this one. I love my flowery scents and this one has not disappointed me.  Also I love the bottle, square bottles look great and the bow on the top finishes it off nicely and makes it look really girly and pretty.

Review: Fitbit Flex

Fitbit flex

I brought a FitBit Flex at the beginning of the month and have worn it ever since I brought it.
There are 10 different colours to choose from, I went with the violet. I have wanted a fitness tracker for a while now and after looking around FitBit looked like the best and probably the most stylish. They retail at £79.99, there are two modes to this tracker, during the day it will track your activity - steps taken, distance and calories burned. During the night it will track your sleep pattern, it will also wake you up silently.
The great thing about this as well is you can connect it to My Fitness Pal, so you can not only track your activity but you can track what you eat to.
If you tap the tracker it will show you how far along your target you are for that day. I also brought a pack of the wristbands as I am prone to change. There is a pack of 3 the ones I brought are teal, pink and violet. I know I had the violet already but I really wanted the other colours.
After using this for a good few weeks I am very happy with this tracker. It is actually quite accurate as well I found which is fantastic. 
If you are looking for a good fitness tracker I think this is the one to go for. It has an app for both FitBit and My Fitness Pal on both android and the app store so you can update them both on the move.
Fitbit Flex

Fitbit app

Will you be using or are you already using FitBit? What are your thoughts?


Review: L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology

L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology

I have been using L'Oreal Elvive's new Fibrology range. My hair is awful to do anything with, it's super fine and because of this you can never really do anything with it, one tiny gust of wind and my style has just gone! Plus I have recently had it cut into a short bob (I had long hair before) and it turns out short hair means extra maintenance.
So when I saw this range advertised on TV I just had to try it!
To use these products you have to use the shampoo, thickness booster then the conditioner. Using the hair masque once a week. The double serum you use everyday on wet or dry hair.
L'Oreal laboratories have created their first ever haircare range proven to thicken hair wash after wash. It is specially formulated with Filloxane, the shampoo used with the conditioner thickens hair fibres and provides deep cleansing.
The conditioner is a light weight formula enriched with filloxane, it nourishes and thickens hair without weighing it down.
The thickness booster contains an intensive thickening formula with their highest concentration of filloxane (5%), it is specially formulated to give thicker hair.
The masque is specially designed to give texture and nourish hair, when used with the shampoo and thickening booster is will help achieve thickening results.
The double serum penetrates deep within the fibre and expands and thickens the hair. Instantly the hair feels and looks thicker, with visable volume and bounce. Over time hair gets thicker wash after wash.
I must admit I was expecting really amazing results after seeing the advert, they had really voluptuous hair, however I have noticed a difference in my hair but it is certainly not like that. The only way to get your hair that big is with rollers, so I do feel they are over selling it.
Like I said though I have noticed a difference my hair has a bit of volume to it now and does look a little thicker, it no longer sits flat against my head so I will be carrying on with the range. But yes use rollers if you want massive hair!
Have you used this range yet? Or are you going to try it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

My Favorite Songs


I am a massive music fan, I am always listening to music whether I am working, blogging or just doing the housework. So I thought I would share my favorite songs with you.
  • Katy Perry - California Gurls I went to see Katy in concert in 2013 on her California Dreams tour and it was everything I was hoping for. Katy is an amazing performer and this song is my favorite one. It reminds me of summer and getting soaked by foam and covered in confetti at the end of her concert. Oh and we were fourth from the front, standing so we had the best view and were so close :-)
  • Example - Natural Disaster I also went to see Example in concert last year and again he is another amazing performer. He really knows how to put on a show, from smoke, fire cannons to just jumping up and down like lunatics, you certainly have fun at his show. He has so many great songs but for me this one comes out on top.
  • Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud Who doesn't love Ed Sheeran? He is a great singer and performer...oh and he pays guitar! I have been listening to this song so much at the moment. It is such a beautiful song and I love the video to, he really surprised me with that! We can now add dancing to the list of things he can do.
  • Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One I love Sam Smith, he has a beautiful voice and all his songs are great but this just happens to be my favorite. I can't stop listening to it.
  • Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars I have left my absolute all time favorite till last. I love this song so much, it is definitely my favorite song ever!! I am getting married next year and have actually managed to find an orchestra version of this song, which I am walking down the aisle to. I wanted it as my first dance song as the words just fit so perfectly for us but due to the rock bit at the end it didn't really fit haha. So when I found this version I was so happy it could still be part of the wedding!
I have a spotify account and I have so many playlists all full of different music. Here are some pictures from the Katy Perry and Example Concerts.
Katy Perry California Dreams Tour

Katy Perry California Dreams Tour

Example Tour 2013

Example Tour 2013

What songs are you listening to at the moment?

Review: Jacava Candy Floss Nail Polish

Jacava London

I was excited to try this nail polish from Jacava London as it has been one I've wanted to try for  while now.
Jacava polishes are free from 8 potentially harmful ingredients known to cause health problems including cancer, asthma and even neo-natal death.
Jacava London nail polish is 8-free from:
Formaldehyde resin (Tosylamide)
Animal ingredients
Candy floss is beautiful it's a lovely bright pink and very eye catching.
The good thing about this polish is the brush and the handle. The brush is quite thin which I like as you don't have an over load of polish. The handles are long which again is really good as it gives good control over the brush.
You can buy it here.
Candy Floss

This may seem a bit more expensive but I have found they are worth it, they last really well, it was a good few days before they started chipping. And also they are super shiny even without a top coat.
Candy Floss

Candy Floss

What do you think to this polish and will you be buying any?

Out And About In Florida

I have a friend who is going to Florida this year, and we are going ourselves again next year. We went to Florida last year and absolutely loved it. Talking about it made me want to do a post on it. So here is a few places you should definitely check out if you go.
Disney World
Disney World Florida

To say I freaked when I first saw this iconic castle is a bit of an understatement. For a girl who was brought up watching Disney films and my favorite Disney film is Alice In Wonderland, I was just speechless and in total awe. There are 4 Disney parks and trust me when I say you a need a day at each one. It is a fantastic place to visit.
Universal Studio's
Universal Studios

This was another amazing place. You are walking down the streets and they have characters come out and perform in the streets from Sponge bob to Transformers. The big earth is amazing to see as well, it spins round and has smoke coming out from the bottom due to the little fountain that is under it. Again there is two big parks and each take a day to go round each one. In Universal studio's there is a Simpson's area, Minions and they have just finished building a Harry Potter area, so I'll be looking forward to seeing that when we go again.
Seaworld Orlando

This is great for all animal lovers, they have so many different types of animals here I don't even know where to start. We were lucky when we went as we were just passing the Shamu stadium at the right time, there was about 20 minutes till the next show, I definitely recommend you see it. It's truly amazing to see.
Olive Garden
Olive Garden International Drive

This post wouldn't be complete without me not suggesting but telling you to go here! I LOVE this place. It is on International Drive and let me tell you I will certainly be going again. We had a salad with some warm bread, chicken scampi, grilled chicken pizza and  peach Ice tea. I don't think there was anything left on our plates.
If you are planning on going, these are the places I suggest and I hope you have an amazing time. If you have already been what was your favorite place to go?

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS

Book Review: #GIRLBOSS | Tea & Beauty

I keep thinking of opening up an Etsy store but have still got to work out what I want to sell , I keep hearing about this book and it's really peaked my interest. So a couple of weeks ago I decided to buy it off Amazon and use it for this months book read.

I have heard it is very inspirational and has actually helped people to grow their business so I was very much looking forward to starting this book.
It's about Sophia Amoruso, who started by selling a stolen item's on Ebay and has built her business up from there. She talks about her life and her struggles. It is  very interesting to see how she built her business to become the CEO she is today. She certainly has an eye for clothes that's for sure, Sophia goes on to explain just how important all the photograph's she took for her listings are. Photo's are everything, if it is clear, sharp and just generally nice and eye catching you are going to go further.

After reading it, I certainly recommend it. It is funny and powerful. She tells of all her jobs she's had what she liked and what she hated about them. Sophia is someone you find you can relate to as well which helps whilst reading this book. We have all had jobs we can't stand and wish we could do better, well Sophia tells you everything she did to make her dreams come true and the struggles along the way. She goes through hiring and firing, finding new stockists and money problems.
What I also liked about this book was the snippets from other girlbosses, what their jobs are, why they are doing what they are and why they love their jobs. 
Has anyone read this book and if so what did you think?

Review: Nike Free TR Fit 3 Trainers

Whilst I was on holiday in Florida last year I brought some new trainers to go running in. However I have only just started wearing them in the last few months as my first pair have finally almost fallen apart. They were very comfy and I hate breaking in new shoes, it takes a while! So I was actually quite excited to finally get to use them (I feel I'm quite sad if this is what makes me happy!). They are a beautiful royal blue and neon yellow colour.

Nike Tr Fit

Nike Tr Fit

This is what Nike say about these trainers:
Burn calories quicker in these Nike trainers designed especially for the gym or fitness classes. They feature a flexible grooves out sole to allow for freedom of movement while providing strong grip. The mesh and leather upper ensure lightness, durability and breath-ability for extra comfort and a perfect fit.
Ladies fitness trainers
> Flexible grooved out sole
> Mesh upper panels
> Inner cushioning
> Nike swoosh
> Lace up
> Leather/textile upper
> Textile lining
> Synthetic sole
So I shove them on and off I go for a run. First thing I noticed was how different they felt to my last pair. My last pair is what I call proper running trainers but these ones are a bit different at the bottom. I did a good 45 minute run and didn't notice any pinching. They were very breathable, every now and then I felt a lovely breeze on my feet. The cushioning was very noticeable and made running very comfy.
When you go running you will always have achy feet, there's not a lot you can do about that but it wasn't that bad with these trainers, I'm sure that was due to the cushioning.
Overall I am extremely happy with these trainers and they will certainly help in keeping me fit! They cost me $59.99 (£38.69 in UK) which is a great price. They are slightly cheaper from America, they will cost £70-90+ here but I'm so impressed with these I would definitely pay that.