Review: The Body Shop Vineyard Peach

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach

During January The Body Shop had their yearly new year sale and as they are a firm favorite of mine I just had to get a few bits. This was one of the sets I brought, it is Vineyard Peach.
First off I want to say the smell of these products is absolutely gorgeous! After using them a couple of times I noticed my skin was so soft. The body scrub is probably actually one of the best I've used, it reminds me a little of St Ives scrub. There was a noticeable shine to my skin after using it, which I love as for me it feels like it's done the job! I used the body wash next to make sure I had fully washed the body scrub off. The smell from the body wash is quite strong but in a good way, because it smells so nice it's lovely to use. After drying my skin I slapped on the body polish. This is quite thick but again I myself like that, I really hate liquid lotions that are way to runny! Again you can really smell the peach coming through. It really does make your skin feel really soft to. Using all these products together is great as it builds up the peach smell but it isn't over powering.
I love these products, it almost makes me not want to use them just to make them last longer!


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